Friday, June 22, 2012

Call for Student Project Submittals

To ALL students of UCLA Extension's Landscape Architecture Program,

It is time to come forth and submit the projects, that you have been working so hard on in school over the past year, for our esteemed annual student show for 2012.
Each year we ask a group of well-known working Landscape Architects to come out and see our progress as emerging professionals, and to critique the quality of our work. 

 I highly recommend that you sort through the projects that either you or your instructors, or even your classmates, enjoyed viewing so that the rest of us and this group of professionals can see what you are gifted with.  Below is a link for the submission form that you need to fill out and send in, please pay close attention to the instructions so that we are able to organize and display your projects in a way that would help them SHINE even brighter.

Click on this link --> 

Also,  we do need volunteers for the events listed on the submission form... if you would like to help out (you won't regret it if you do) please contact us at  =)

We look forward to seeing the projects you have worked so hard at.


Shawn Maestretti
SCASLA Student Chapter President 2012-2013

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