Thursday, May 19, 2011

SCASLA Spring 2011 Elections

It's time for the SCASLA Spring 2011 Elections.  The candidates & officer positions are listed below.  Once you have made your selections,  please email you’re your ballot to

Good luck to all!

Please select one nominee for each officer position listed below.  Some officer roles only have one nominee:


___         Jeff Palmer
___         Jessyca Frederick

___         Reid Freiheit         
___         Emily Hope
___         Kristen Dolan


___         Dan Stockenberg


                ___         Christel Leung
___         Kirsten Hollander
                ___         Mary Oien        

Each class (years 1-4) has two representatives in SCASLA.  Please select two nominees for each class year listed below.  Year one representatives will be selected this summer.  Some classes only have two nominees. 


                ___         Aiko Strasser
___         Anne Leis
___         Shawn Maestretti

___         Libby Simon
___         Christel Leung


___         Jeff Graham
___         Grace Gardner
___         Megan Schwartz

Thursday, May 5, 2011

SCASLA Nominations

At this time of year, the Student Chapter of ASLA at UCLA Extension holds elections for officers and class representatives for the coming academic year.  I strongly encourage all students to consider running for a position and/or nominating your fellow classmate(s) for roles.  

It's a great way to network with fellow students, faculty, alums, and professionals in the field.  SCASLA offers lectures, office tours, the Annual Student Show & many other benefits for our students. 

Please email your nominations to

PRESIDENT: The President presides over all SCASLA meetings; forms committees as needed; allocates duties and responsibilities to other elected officers beyond their stated duties; coordinates all SCASLA communication with outside agencies; represents the SCASLA as an ex-officio member to the Southern California Chapter of the ASLA (SCC/ASLA); and serves as student representative at UCLA Extension Landscape Architecture Program instructor meetings (one per quarter.)


VICE PRESIDENT: The Vice President assumes the duties of the President in his/her absence; presides over committee chairpersons; assists the President in carrying out his/her duties; and serves as the student representative at UCLA Extension Guidance Committee Meetings (one per quarter).


SECRETARY: The Secretary records minutes at all meetings; records all voting results; coordinates SCASLA typing and printing requirements; and coordinates transmittal of SCASLA information to students through class representatives.


TREASURER: The Treasurer handles the finances of the SCASLA, including the collection of all fees, dues, charges, and other monies due SCASLA; developing budgets; maintaining accounts and records of all transactions; depositing and withdrawing funds; and giving financial reports if, and as, required at SCASLA meetings.


CLASS REPRESENTATIVES:  Class Representatives attend meetings; serve on committees; and act as informational liaisons between classmates and SCASLA Executive Committee.

Nominees (Please nominate two for your year only):

First Year:         



Second Year:         


Third Year:                                               


Fourth Year: