Thursday, May 5, 2011

SCASLA Nominations

At this time of year, the Student Chapter of ASLA at UCLA Extension holds elections for officers and class representatives for the coming academic year.  I strongly encourage all students to consider running for a position and/or nominating your fellow classmate(s) for roles.  

It's a great way to network with fellow students, faculty, alums, and professionals in the field.  SCASLA offers lectures, office tours, the Annual Student Show & many other benefits for our students. 

Please email your nominations to

PRESIDENT: The President presides over all SCASLA meetings; forms committees as needed; allocates duties and responsibilities to other elected officers beyond their stated duties; coordinates all SCASLA communication with outside agencies; represents the SCASLA as an ex-officio member to the Southern California Chapter of the ASLA (SCC/ASLA); and serves as student representative at UCLA Extension Landscape Architecture Program instructor meetings (one per quarter.)


VICE PRESIDENT: The Vice President assumes the duties of the President in his/her absence; presides over committee chairpersons; assists the President in carrying out his/her duties; and serves as the student representative at UCLA Extension Guidance Committee Meetings (one per quarter).


SECRETARY: The Secretary records minutes at all meetings; records all voting results; coordinates SCASLA typing and printing requirements; and coordinates transmittal of SCASLA information to students through class representatives.


TREASURER: The Treasurer handles the finances of the SCASLA, including the collection of all fees, dues, charges, and other monies due SCASLA; developing budgets; maintaining accounts and records of all transactions; depositing and withdrawing funds; and giving financial reports if, and as, required at SCASLA meetings.


CLASS REPRESENTATIVES:  Class Representatives attend meetings; serve on committees; and act as informational liaisons between classmates and SCASLA Executive Committee.

Nominees (Please nominate two for your year only):

First Year:         



Second Year:         


Third Year:                                               


Fourth Year:                                              

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