Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Association of Women in Architecture Foundation Announces Annual Scholarship Awards

The Association for Women in Architecture Foundation is pleased to announce our Annual Scholarship Awards. We offer cash awards to women students who have completed by April 15, 2011 at least 18 units in their major in a program granting a degree or certificate in one of the following majors:

·         Scholarships will now be awarded based on merit alone, so, no financial statement is necessary.
·         Five $1000 prizes will be awarded to the selected winners.
·         Application interviews are not required, but a small portfolio must be submitted as part of the application package.
·         Applicants in their final year of study are now eligible, so that prize money may be used for special projects (such as a trip abroad) or to offset expenses already incurred for study.
·         Prizes will be awarded at a reception on the weekend of May 7th allowing the scholars to present their work to the Association. The specific time and location will be announced at a later time.

All instructions and application forms are available on our website:

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