Thursday, January 28, 2010

Theodore Payne Foundation Citizen Scientists Needed

Citizen Scientists Needed! Barnsdall Art Exhibit! Late January/Early February Classes!

January 28, 2010

· TPF at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery in Barnsdall Park!
· Oaks of Southern California, with Rebecca Latta
· Design Fundamentals: Wet-to-Dry Native Garden Design, with Cassy Aoyagi
· Native Plant Garden Maintenance, with Barbara Eisenstein
· Propagating Native Plants, with Louise Gonzalez & Brendan Galipeau
· NEW! Gardeners' Roundtable
· Chumash Healing with Native Plants, with Cecilia Garcia and James D. Adams

Friend of Theodore Payne,
At the University of California, Santa Barbara, Susan Mazer, PhD., and Brian Haggerty, M.S., have developed the Phenology Stewardship Program, and they need our help. Having designed a program to collect data on the occurrence of events and patterns in the natural world, they need citizen scientists to collect data from their local environments and enter it on this website: (U.S.A. National Phenology Network).

Phenology is the science that measures the timing of life cycle events in plants, animals, and microbes, and detects how the environment influences the timing of those events. In the case of flowering plants, these life cycle events, or phenophases, include leaf budburst, first flower, last flower, first ripe fruit, and leaf shedding, among others. Phenophases commonly observed in animals include molting, mating, egg-laying or birthing, fledging, emergence from hibernation, and migration (from Phenology Field Guide for Coal Oil Point Natural Reserve and the central California coast, by Brian P. Haggerty and Susan J. Mazer, U.C.S.B., 2008). Please visit the website to learn how to identify phenophases, and then enter whatever changes you observe in your garden or local area. Data about the phenophases of native plants is most helpful, but data about non-native plants is also useful.


TPF at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery in Barnsdall Park!

The Theodore Payne Foundation is taking part in the exhibit, "Actions, Conversations & Intersections and Ideational Architectures" at Barnsdall Park, from January 28 to April 18, 2010. The event is billed as "an exhibition of participatory-based art with interactive components that change weekly... a dynamic and performative interchange blurring the boundaries between visitors, artists and cultural producers. " Stop by the Gallery and take part!

The Gallery is open Thursday through Sunday, noon to 5 p.m., and is located at 4800 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90027.


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